Damp problems – do you have any of this?

Caravan before over-seal treatment
A deteriorating caravan seal

If so then now would be a good time to invest a little effort cleaning any algae or moss from your seams. Over the winter months this growth will attract moisture and continue to grow, doing more damage to the seal as it does so and increasing the risk of moisture penetrating the seam and creating damp within the ‘van.

It is not essential to use expensive cleaning products but some do claim to include chemicals that help to prevent re-growth and may be worth considering. However, a really good start would be to use a car shampoo and a stiff brush. Avoid using washing up liquid as some products contain salt and might not be too kind to your paintwork. Also try to avoid disturbing ‘good’ residual sealant by digging too deep into the seam – you want to remove the moss without unnecessarily degrading the existing seal.

If you are in the Bath/Bristol area and you are concerned that your seals may have already deteriorated, or you would like some protection against future moisture ingress, or maybe just want some advice, please contact us through Facebook or www.somerdaleservices.co.uk

We can offer a free no-obligation quote to carry-out a complete over-seal of your caravan (or coach-built motorhome) or for just your areas of particular concern. We undertake thorough chemical clean of the area and use a proprietary caravan sealant (clear) to re-seal over the seam. The process is not a permanent ‘fix’ but if done thoroughly and in reasonably good conditions can help protect your caravan from damp for several years. Maybe even as long as the manufacturers original seal in some cases!

Caravan after over-seal by Somerdale Services.
The caravan after over-seal treatment by Somerdale Services

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