What we do

  • Chassis Service

Applicable to Caravans only. Includes functional check and inspection of hitch, damper and brake over-run system. Strip, clean and re-adjust brake drums. Inspect wheel bearings and the condition/suitability of tyres. Check handbrake and corner steadies. Functional check of road lights and 12s operation. Check operation of ATC stabilising system where fitted. Chassis condition report issued on completion.

  • Habitation Service

For Caravan or Motorhome. Includes comprehensive check of all on-board systems including;

Gas System and Appliances – as detailed in ‘Gas Testing’ below. 240v & 12v Electrical Systems. Fresh and Grey Water systems.

External inspection of fixtures and fittings including door & window seal and locks. Internal inspection of fittings and furniture. A full and comprehensive damp inspection (See ‘Damp report’ below). Habitation and Damp report issued on completion.

  • Roadworthiness Check

This is a short (30mins to 1hr) check of trailer or caravan roadworthiness. Wheels are removed to check tyre condition and to adjust the braking system but drums are not stripped. Operation of hitch, handbrake and breakaway cable/secondary coupling checked. Road lighting and reflectors checked. A report is issued on completion.

  • Full Caravan Service

A comprehensive caravan service comprising of both habitation and chassis service with detailed report issued on completion.

  • Pre-purchase Inspection

Providing you have agreement from the seller (and if not perhaps there is a reason!) we can offer a short but comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. The inspection is non-intrusive so we can’t remove fittings or accessories for access however we can usually get sufficient access to check key areas for any indication of damp problems. The inspection can also include a comprehensive check of gas, water and electrical systems. A short summary report is issued on completion.

Please contact us to discuss the scope of any pre-purchase inspection you require.

  • Gas Test

We are ACOPs certified to carry out LPG Gas Testing on Touring Caravans and Motorhomes*.

Our gas inspection includes a check on the installation of pipework, appliances, flue systems and ventilation arrangements.

We conduct Tightness Testing to IGEM/UP/1B.

This includes a let-by test of the gas bottle and regulator, a test of the regulator lock-up pressure, a full system tightness test and a check of the system operating pressure.

The appliance and flue inspection checks the correct operation of the appliance, complete combustion and the efficient extraction of flue gases. A final check of flue performance is undertaken using a professional Telegan Anton Flue Gas Analyser to ensure safe levels of Carbon Monoxide are not exceeded.

A formal P47 Caravan/Boat Gas Safety Inspection Record is issued on completion.

  • Electrical Installations

We carry out electrical modifications and alterations certified to current IET wiring regulations.

We are also able to provide a comprehensive Electrical Installation Condition Report EICR (formally referred to as a Periodic Installation Report PIR)

NB – The IET wiring regulations do not currently mandate regular EICRs (PIRs) but do recommend a condition report is completed every 3 years. Considering the harsh environment that mobile electrical installations are subjected to (vibration, humidity, condensation, temperature fluctuation etc) we would highly recommend this routine inspection is carried out. It is a very detailed check and test of the entire 240v installation that we carry out for a very competitive price. Please contact us for further details and a fixed price, no obligation quote for your caravan or motorhome.

  • Damp Report

We carry out a full assessment and provide a detailed report on completion.

We use Industry Standard ‘pinned’ and non-intrusive Protimeter Moisture Meters to help accurately identify and record potential damp issues.

This enables us to identify any potential damp issues as early as possible, helping to make any subsequent repair/rectification work cheaper and more effective.

  • Appliance installation, servicing and repair

Please call or use the contact us form to enquire about your requirement.

We also offer Trailer Servicing

  • Check hitch coupling and braw bar for wear and lubricate as required.
  • Check condition of beak-away cable/secondary coupling.
  • Check operation of jockey wheel and handbrake.
  • Remove brake drums, check brake cables and linings. Check wheel bearings. Adjust brakes, refit drum and road wheels to correct torque settings.
  • Check trailer chassis and accessories.
  • Check tyres for correct rating, condition and tread wear. Inflate to recommended pressure.
  • Check condition and operation of all road lights and reflectors.
Service Report issued on completion.
Please note – our trailer servicing/repair service does not include trailers used for catering businesses, horse trailers or trailers intended for the transport of other animals

*LPG test certification does not extend to residential or leased motorhomes & caravans

ACOPs – Approved Codes of Practice – now STGW Standards of Training in Gas Work

IGEM – Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers

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